Akshaya Patra

Photographed in 2013

Thirteen years on, the Akshaya Patra Foundation continues to give lakhs of children a reason to come to school. Serving hot, fresh and nutritious lunch to 4.60 lakh school children every day in over 2,600 government schools has drastically improved enrollment and attendance of children in villages.

The Born Free School in Bhanjarapalya Area is one such school where children excel in learning, thanks to Akshaya Patra’s efforts to complement their learning in the form of delicious mid-day meals. The Akshaya Patra kitchens are equipped with rice and sambar cauldrons. Each rice cauldron has a capacity of at least 500 litres and each sambar cauldron has a capacity to cook 1,200-3000 litres of sambar. From its first-ever meal served in a government school in Bangalore H K Hill in June 2000, the Foundation served its billionth meal in August 2012.

The recognition of being the 23rd NGO among the Top 100 World NGOs in The Global Journal 2013 edition is a testimony to the combined efforts of all the stakeholders.

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